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Monday to Friday: 10.30am – 9.00pm, Saturday and Sunday: 10.30am – 09.30pm

Our Philosophy

O’Play was founded on a desire to create a space for children to move away from televisions, computers and mobile games and indulge in physically and mentally engaging activities. With rapid urbanization and the spread of technology like wildfire, more children have drifted away from playing in parks with a group of friends to spending more in front of video games, television shows and mobile video games. This is leading to an unhealthy trend of child obesity and other health complications among children.

We have created a space where children can jump, skip, dive, hop and slide just like children should. We want children to explore drawing, coloring, building blocks, putting together jigsaw puzzles and other activities which engage their minds more constructively. This is the philosophy behind our soft play area.

We haven’t forgotten the mothers! We know the happiness it brings mothers in seeing their children enjoy themselves but what if the mothers can indulge themselves a bit too? This is why we came up with a salon for ladies to avail a variety of beauty services while their children are safe in our soft play area under the supervision of our staff.

Healthy eating is important for everybody, especially children. Which is why we have designed our O’Cafe menu to feature only delicious yet healthy food that is 100% pure vegetarian. We use only fresh ingredients in all our food to ensure that you and your child get only the best quality food and beverages.

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