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Party Area

Birthday of the child – where to celebrate and spend an unforgettable day?

The most important and long-awaited day for a child and his parents.

In the life of the child there were not so many bright memories of events, so Birthday is a good occasion to create a real children’s holiday! It is necessary to exert a lot of effort to find new ideas and time for planning and organizing this important day. Houses do not always have enough space and resources to hold a memorable day.For your convenience, we have developed package offers. We are perfectly aware that a children’s birthday is a good blow to the family budget, so we suggest saving on package offers. Package offers include a set of services that individually would be much more expensive.

Silver package

Welcome drink – 1

Starter – 1

Main course – 2

Dessert or Ice cream – 1

Rs.750 per head

Gold package

Welcome drink – 2

Starter – 2

Main course – 3

Dessert or Ice cream – 1

Rs.850 per head

Platinum package

Welcome drink – 2

Starter – 3

Main course – 4

Dessert or Ice cream – 1

Rs. 950 per head

*All packages include 2.5 hours of play area & party hall.


Holding children's birthdays has long been our vocation. We work so that children's smiles never fade away!

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